McDonald’s social media policy for restaurant employees


If you participate in online conversations about McDonald’s, including but not limited to, its products, our employees, customers, suppliers, franchisees, and competitors, it is important that you do it in a way that is safe, appropriate and legal. The intent of this Policy is not to restrict the flow of useful and appropriate information, but to minimize the risk to you, your coworkers and to McDonald’s.

Because we want to provide 100% customer satisfaction, McDonald’s prohibits engaging in any personal online communications including texting (during working time or in working areas, even when using your personal electronic communications tools). You may participate in our crew website ourlounge.

 As a McDonald’s employee, people may think your views are the views of McDonald’s. When you participate in any online communications or blog discussing McDonald’s, make it clear that you are a McDonald’s employee and that your views and opinions are yours and not those of McDonald’s.


Know & follow the rules

•  When making any references to McDonald’s or its employees (even if McDonald’s is not named) when posting on any social media site, you must respect and follow the McDonald’s Standards of Business Conduct and all relevant McDonald’s policies, such as those relating to the handling of confidential information and use of McDonald’s trademarked or copyrighted materials. Do not misuse our trademarks in your online communications. Do not use McDonald’s logos or copyrighted materials

•  Additionally, be aware of other McDonald’s policies including, “Employee Code of Conduct”, “Standards of Business Conduct”, “No Solicitation Policy”, “Conflict of Interest”, “Dignity and Respect”, “Equality in Employment” and “Privacy Policy” (please refer to the O&T Manual).

•  You must exercise caution and sound judgment if interacting with subordinates on Facebook or similar social media sites. Participating in such forums with subordinates may increase the potential to violate these rules and policies. For example, it may not be sound judgment for Managers to “friend” employees under the age of 18.

•  Do think about what you will say and about disclosing your personal details. Correct any mistakes that you make. You post material at your own risk, and you are personally responsible for the content of your communications.

• Do respect your coworkers’ privacy. It is a violation of this policy and our Privacy Policy to share in any online communications personal information about your coworkers (like religion, health, or any identifiable information that may relate to a safety issue, such as work schedules, phone numbers, residence, etc.).

•  Do not post material that is bullying in nature, abusive, disrespectful, profane, or otherwise inappropriate regarding McDonald’s, including but not limited to, its products, our employees, customers, suppliers, franchisees, and competitors.

•  Do not disclose or comment on confidential information of McDonald’s, including the restaurant where you work. For example: sales figures, guest counts, business plans, or how food or marketing promotions are doing.

•  Do not post any photos or video of the inside of your McDonald’s restaurant, including those of coworkers, customers, or work events. Do not post photos or video of employees in McDonald’s uniforms on any external website.

•  Do not use blogs, Facebook, or other external websites for restaurant communications.
•  Do not speak or claim to speak on behalf of McDonald’s in your online communications.
•  Do not discuss or disclose employees, customers, franchisees, or suppliers by name without their express permission.

Remember: If you fail to follow these policies, it may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination from employment.